Friday, February 24, 2012

Appreciating Retirement - and those who work for a living

Arms raised to the heavens...

I went for a mammogram today.  I don't know why I made the appointment for so early but, I had to set the alarm and be there before 7 am.  When I arrived there were several ladies there already and everything around me was business and busyness.  After I finished the paperwork, I had time to look at all the people working and/or going to work in the hospital.  I said to myself, "You are not one of those people any more!"  I no longer have to be on a schedule to do things that someone else determines that I have to do.  I am appreciating it!

I also found myself appreciating each and every person that I dealt with today for what they do.  All were very competent, from the receptionist to the person who registered me, to the technician who took the X-rays.  You got to be gifted to squish boobies all day!

I felt the same way yesterday at the dentist office, when the hygienist said after looking at my teeth, "You did such a good job, there is so much less plaque on those teeth!"  (Referring to the inside of the bottom front teeth.)  I said, "How do you remember the change with all the people you see?"  I told her she is gifted in her job!  I would never want to be looking at people's dirty mouths every day!

What a joy it is when you meet with people who are doing the work that they are meant to do.  God gifts us in so many ways and it is a privilege to be treated by people who know what they are doing.  

Oh, I know that many times we meet with people who are in their wrong profession, or are tired of their work and burnt out, or are stressed by other things, but that did not happen to me; not this week.  

Thanks to all the people that are out there working!  Those of us who are retired need you!!! :)
My latest job - changing my videos to dvd's.  Having fun watching old family movies and the movies I took on my travels.

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