Friday, February 24, 2012

Being Responsible and Making a List!

Spanish Moss blowing freely in the wind
 I love the freedom of having chosen to not be working a job.  I don't feel entitled and I don't take it for granted.  I realize that this is another season of my life and I have a responsibility to make it worth something.  It has been 9 months now since I have been "to work", kind of like enjoying a gestation period.  But, I'm glad that I'm not going to be losing sleep with a new baby...  Oh sweet memories of those days and raising 3 children!  And, I must add, I am so happy to be sharing their parenthood with our wonderful grandchildren...
Andrew and Lauren:  Brother - Sister Love!!!
 But I regress from the theme of today's post.  I am reflecting on how I "fill" my days since the title of my blog is "Filled with Retirement."  When do I feel most fulfilled?  I think it is when I am doing "my thing"  whatever that is at that moment.  It must be because for so many years "my thing" was always last on my list.  It seemed like I was always busy doing things that I had to do for my job or for others.  I am still doing some of that (like housework), but I think that when I look at things that I do as a choice, they are more easily fulfilling while I am doing them instead of feeling fulfilled when those things are completed.  Is that hard to follow?  I don't get so stressed out when things don't go as planned and am trying not to be in control so much.
Durham just discovered real food!
I still make lists for myself.  And even if they are different now, I sometimes still find myself somehow bound by the list as if it is a set of laws or rules that I must follow. Then I remind myself that I am retired and I have time for everything.

When you are little you are always busy.  Caroline doesn't need a list!

My niece, Faith, writes in today's blog, The Life of Faith  about what it is like to work full time.  She is feeling the stress of fulling all her roles the best that she can.  I remember those days, of wanting to do it all and for God's glory!  I have no doubt that she will find a way!

Here is a poem that I wrote a long time ago when I was feeling like Faith!

Too much to do…

Lord I’m afraid of making the list
Afraid I’ll get lost in the doing
Of the that and the this

Not so bad!
I can do this today!
If I don’t waste time
There’ll be time for some play

Lord, You give me no answers
only a sense of peace
when I take time to seek you
I see an organized scheme

With You I can do this
My time is in Your hands
You are in control now
Your will is my command

All this time writing
     I’ve wasted an hour
  --- No!
I’ve just been renewed in
God’s wisdom and power

Your patience and power
Are all I need
To do all the things
I have put on my list

 Bea Skeens, 3/18/00

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  1. I love it Bea! Thank you for sharing. That is exactly how I need to look at it-being renewed in God's power. Love you!


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