Friday, February 3, 2012

Fat-urday from Doctor Oz and other things good to eat

I got so excited when I heard Doctor Oz today say that you could have one day a week to eat whatever you want - cheating on the diet.  The program showed three ladies eating all kinds of sweet and fattening food and carbs!  It was great!  He brought out trays with all the great stuff that these ladies ate that day.  Then came the let down.  When he showed what were the cheating meals that he recommended for Faturday, it added up to 1400 calories!  The meals he suggested were mostly things that I eat on a regular day.  He even showed pizza with whole wheat flour.  That is not cheating!  Only the real, thick, white flour crust pizza satisfies my pizza craving!  Have you ever tried the cauliflour pizza?  It is awful! 
This week I almost even considered joining his Transformation Nation with the Weight Watchers deal just because he suggested it.  Oh and it's free!  I would like to lose 10 pounds...
I love Doctor Oz and we dvr him every day and watch him usually during dinner.  My husband likes to watch him too and we learn so much about good things for our health.  My kids get tired of hearing:  "Doctor Oz says..."  
I am even inventing a new cookie with cocoa, agave, coconut oil, insweetened shredded coconut, oatmeal, ground flax, and other things healthy.  I still haven't finalized the recipe.  Have to try it one more time.  I'll post it next week.
Did I say that it has dark chocolate chips?  and they are crunchy, not chewy...
When I start to cook, I can't decide when to use olive oil and when to use coconut oil.  Because they are so good for us!  But I got the LouAnna Pure coconut oil (which is flavorless and odorless) at Wal-Mart and we googled the difference between pure and extra virgin coconut oil.  Wow! we read and read but we still don't know if the LouAna pure has the Lauric acid, the good ingredient with medicinal properties, or if it has been taken out with the smell and flavor.  When we went to Florida, Don wanted one of the  many coconuts on the trees.  First he opened some old ones from the ground but they were dried up and rotten.  Then when we were at my sister's house he got one recently fallen from a tree.  He is going to open it and we might shred it in our new Cuisinart food processor.  We are going to have the freshest food!!!
Does the LouAna "pure" coconut oil have all the good stuff from the coconut like the "virgin" kind?

On one of this week's shows, Doctor Oz recommended the ingredient Argineline for crow's feet instead of botox.  Well, I'm sure interested!  It is a synthetic peptide in some face creams and serums that is being used instead of botox to reduce the lines around the forehead and eyes.  So I pinned it on Pinterest and within 10 minutes I got and email that 23 people had re-pinned my pin!  That is the most that I ever got pinned!  I think I will pin it from my blog this time.   Well, here is the picture from The Dr. Oz fans website .  Read more about it on the link. 
What do you think about all this hype?


  1. Yum! Those look cookies look great! I have been trying to cook healthier lately as well. I haven't tried coconut oil yet but am using grapeseed oil...

  2. So is Louana bad? usually when I open a fresh coconut it does not smell that much?

    1. No, Louana is not bad. Doctor Oz did another feature on cooking with coconut oil and said that the main difference is the flavor. So if you don't like the flavor of extra virgin coconut oil, the Pure coconut oil, like Louana is okay. But did you see his latest post about Red Palm Oil? He said that is the best!
      Answered by Bea from

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