Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bathroom remodeling almost done!!

We are finally using our new bathroom.  Our daughter, Julie, works for Platinum Kitchens and she guided us thorough the process.  We love the granite and the tile design.  The expresso color of the cabinets are so rich!
The story of the destruction was posted on this blog a month ago.   The whole process has not been easy and has taken longer than we thought.  Some of the work we did ourselves, but we did not do the tile this time.  We did all our tile in our previous house.  We enjoyed watching it done for us!

The plumber set up the pipes and then Don and I put the cabinets together.

We had to balance the top for the granite and then Don attached it to the wall
The electrician put an outlet inside the top drawer for the hair dryer and flat iron, like I saw on    Pinterest.  Here you can see all my Pinterest inspirations

We love the granite.  It was boneyard so had a seam.  That was a problem because they put the seam in the wrong place and had to redo the big piece.  The same granite was for the shower curb and the seat.

Glueing the last shell - brought from Cuba by my sister on her trip there last month to see the anniversary of the Virgen del Cobre and the Pope.  The other shells are fromSt. Simons, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Florida beaches.  I made the grapevine wreath the first year after we moved to St. Simons in 1980.  
After: Two sinks, mirrors and lights.  See my special makeup area!  I have to reupholster the little chair.  We have a large window though we lost our other one.

The other side of the bathroom.  Shower designed by Ceramic Technics. Tracy made the design with glass tiles.   

I wanted an adjustable shower for myself and the grandkids.   Can you see the diamond pattern in the middle?The floor looks yellow because of the top light.  

We had room for the seat and another niche.  

We are using the shower without the shower doors.

To the right of the shower is the space for the toilet and bidet.  I have been missing the bidet since our other house!
Most of the wall decor is from my favorite store - T.J. Maxx Home Goods  but the jelly fish is to bring back beach memories from St. Simons Island.  Bringing the real island flavor from Pane in the Glass and made by Missy!

Before: shower and garden tub and window.
Demolition had already started

To the left of the tub was the "water closet."  Don made me a linen closet from the extra space.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dr. Oz demonstrates the 5 Tibetan rites, 5 yoga-based moves.

I love Doctor Oz and we record his show and watch it often.  Here Dr. Oz demonstrates the 5 Tibetan rites, 5 yoga-based moves designed to give you a renewed sense energy and vitality. This practice is grounded in the ancient traditions of Tibetan monks. I love doing Yoga and want to make these part of my daily routine.

Learn to Swim with Miss Bea dvd- Introduction

I'm celebrating 7 years since I published my dvd: Learn to Swim with Miss Bea in English and Spanish.  I have sold almost 1000 copies in over 15 countries on my website and on Amazon.  Since I am retired from full time teaching now, I have decided to do some serious marketing again.  I like to do it all myself and have been reading books and taking lots of notes.  Now that I have the introduction section of the dvd on youtube for everyone to see, I feel compelled to continue to more media marketing.  What do you think?  Need a baby gift?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swimming lessons with Caroline

I finally have pictures of swimming lessons with Caroline.  I usually pick her up early at school on Wednesdays and we go to the new Cumming Aquatic Center.  Then on to my house.  She spends the night and I take her to school before lunch on Thursday.  
Last week, my sister, Cristi was here for a few days and she went with me to take pictures.  She now has an ear infection again so we won't be able to go this week. :(  
She is doing so great in the pool!  It's so much fun and is reminding me of that I can need to promote my dvd.  I need to get to work on that!  
This is my new blog: Learn to Swim with Miss Bea.   This is my website that I sell my dvd.     I also have it for sale on Amazon here.  But I make more money on my own website.  You can use paypal.
Good job!  Give me five!

Swim to the steps and learn to stand up.

Get a little help going to the side.

Floating - looking for airplanes... There was another baby at the pool that day and she loved to look at him.

We always rinse off in the shower and wash our hair.  No chlorine residue!  It is so cold in the locker room!    

We put on cream all over!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I hate to Paint!!! Progress on the bathroom

This is the most work since my retirement.  The painting is done!
We left the bathroom unfinished and with the tile experts coming in to finish the job.  We are on Spring Break with the kids on SSI.  Here are pictures of the progress.

Vanity will go on the right hand wall.

This will be the shower.  The shelves are for the linen closet that Don is building for me.

Here you can see the linen closet that Don is building for me it is 39 inches deep - for my winter clothes!

Painting the ceiling - new recessed lights for the toilet closet

This will be Don's sink area.  see the closets are "closed" off but they still got dusty!
Do you  like the Varadero color?

Palm Sunday at the Beach

At church today for Palm Sunday,  we read the Passion of our Lord according to Mark.  After that, Andrew (eight years old) was reading in his Bible story book about the crucifixion. When he saw a picture of three crosses in his book, he asked me about it.  I told him the other 2 were thieves and murderers.  He said, "But Jesus didn't do anything wrong!"  I can't wait until we continue this discussion!
Andrew and I at the Beach

Thank You for the Beach    by Bea Skeens 4-1-12

Thank you for the beach
              the sun
                     the breeze
The sounds of waves
              and gulls
                     and kids
To feel the sun
              the sand
                     the sea

I love to know that I can come and walk
or run and play
or sit and sun
But most of all I love to feel
The glory of Your presence, near
To just get quiet and relax
and meditate on all that’s past.
And more…
the beauty of the beach predicts
the blessings that Your Love will bring.

Now as I write this and think of you
I pray you know this: His ways are truth
God’s love’s abounding like the shore
I wish for you forevermore.

At this Holy week we meditate
And remember Christ’s birth,
       His life,
              His death
Now celebrate and live in faith
No matter where we are, we work
To build God’s kingdom here on Earth.