Monday, February 20, 2012

Like a Hermit Crab

Hermit crab from the St. Simons Island Pier

I've been feeling like a hermit crab these last two weeks - just peeking out of my shell for a few activities but mostly doing things at home.  It's been cold and rainy (and we thought that Spring had come!)  
I started transferring my VHS tapes to dvds with my new Magnavox dvd recorder.  I knew it would be a big project and didn't want to set it up and have to stop before I finished.  So it's in the guest room on an old school table and using and old school TV.  I've had a great time watching videos of family get togethers form 1993 and the originals of the videos that I took on my trips to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Spain.  It's taking time because I'm sitting here watching them while I record.  I don't even have to look at the instructions now that I've made 17 dvds!  I still have about 15 more.  Some are recordings from the TV of famous entertainers like Gloria Estefan and the Macarena original video.  Ani made me sad when she said that no one would ever see them so that I better enjoy them.  I might use them again to teach as guest speaker...  Then there are family videos of the kids when they were little,   I hope someone will want to see them.  I even found the one with Brian at 11 years old when he played the Lion in the Wizard of Oz!  I have some original super 8 cassettes.  I hope to have the right cord.  I have to look through the box of miscellaneous cords...

I've also been reading books that are  not the type that I usually read.  I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,  but now it's not at the movies any more...  I liked the characters and the plot kept me reading.  

Then for a totally different theme, I listened to The Shack because my sister said that she was reading it and I like to share what I read.  I checked out the CD book from the library.  Once I made up my mind to continue past the sad part of the daughter's kidnapping, I couldn't stop.  I've talked to some who said that they had to stop when they reached that part.  I know what they mean and I am encouraging others to continue it...  Now I want to go back and read parts of it to take notes on it so I borrowed the book.  I'm glad that I listened to the whole thing first or it would have taken me too long to read it.  There are lots of parts that I want to reread and ponder and journal. I don't think I agree with everything that the author says about God from my own personal experience but I love the opportunity to meditate and reflect!  Now to start...

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