Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 resolutions... same every year!!

Why do our resolutions seem the same every year?  To me it's not that I break them but that I'm not there yet.  So, I write the same things but put them at the end and write some new ones first.

This year I first made a list of the things that gave me joy in 2017 and there were many that I did on purpose.
Then I thought I should make a list of the things that let me down or made me negative but NO!  those times I offered up and prayed.  Those things just ARE... no control... can't dwell on them.
They are times of not being able to "do" anything to make it better.  But knowing God with me and in me and God with him and in him (Don) to give strength and comfort.

Choose a word - NURTURE
be kind
be help
be positive
be accepting
be inspiring
be giving
be loving
be present

Relaxing, healthy, happy

Shake off the negativism around me

Focus again on doing - new things for my Swimming

Friday, September 1, 2017

46 Years Married - So I wrote a poem!

 We got married September 4, 1971


Our love is ever new.
Even after years with you,
There is always more to discover
And so much more joy
To give one another.

What can I do
To make our love grow?
It’s in the giving
That love really shows.

To feel so uncertain
And yet take the risk…
To be understood and needed
Is my only wish.

The comings and goings
In every direction
Hugging and kissing…
More I can’t mention.

We listen and wait
To share with each other
We put aside our busy-ness…
You’re never a bother.

Accepting the moods
Of silence and caring,
We try to make better
Each frustration together.

When you tell me your problem,
You allow me to be
Your healing and soothing, 
 A mystery to me.

When we feel all stressed out
And just want to scream
We take off together
Refreshing our dreams.

I want you to be happy
In each daily chore
And to feel so fulfilled
That you’ll want to do more.

When I wake up happy,
You don’t give me a frown.
When I share my schemes,
You don’t put me down.

You open my Spirit;
You stir up the Power;
God’s Love we can be…
Everywhere, every hour.

Thank You, God, Thank You
That we have each other.
Thank You for making us

To love one another.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mami Is Gone to Heaven

My mami gave up the fight
We were at the same time glad and sad.
I miss her each and every day
wanting to share with her my joys and my cares.

 Liquidating her estate was not easy to do
Florida laws have so many rules and paperwork to follow through
There are six of us sisters who had to sign all the papers
The house had to sell and we split her many memories

The memorial service was a solace for all
Remembering her joy of life and family love

Many people came to show us they care 
They wanted to hug and kiss and share

Months later we came together again
Her ashes to the ocean with praises acclaim
A spiritual experience to remember her by
Her ashes to Cuba under the sky.

We cried and we loved 
each other better to be 
our Mom and Dad together
In heaven we'll see.

María Luisa Sánchez Gastón, passed away peacefully to New Life in God on June 27th, 2016 at her home in North Lauderdale, Florida. We celebrate her 93 years of a life full of love and joy.

Born in Havana, Cuba, on December 5th 1922, she was the daughter of Bernabé Sánchez Culmell of Camaguey, Cuba, a cattle rancher and Senator for the Republic, and Ana María Maciá Barraqué, well respected in Cuban society, who raised Maria Luisa and her 3 brothers. Maria Luisa married Melchor Gastón Segrera, manager of El Dolores sugar mill in Matanzas, Cuba, and with him raised 6 daughters, living in Havana, and during the milling months in the Sugar Mill, where she worked in church and in the clinic to care for the workers’ families. 

They left Cuba in 1960, and after 3 years in Miami settled in Milwaukee, where she lived committed to her family and to her church. In 1980 Melchor retired and they moved to North Lauderdale, Florida. In 1986 she lost her beloved husband Melchor with whom she had shared 44 years of married life. Maria Luisa became an active volunteer with the Senior Club, the Friends of the Library and at her parish, where she took communion to the sick and worked faithfully every Saturday at the Thrift Shop. She loved painting, gardening, and collecting shells, and was skilled at many arts and crafts, which she shared with daughters and grandchildren. Dancing and playing dominoes were other fun activities she enjoyed with family and friends.

In addition to her husband, she is preceded in death by her brothers Bernabé Sánchez Maciá (2011) and Fernando Sánchez Maciá (2016). She is survived by her youngest brother Federico Sánchez Maciá and Marta Baró, and by Raquel Hevia and Ana María (Anuka) Gamba, widows of brothers Bernabé and Fernando respectively. 
She is also survived by her six daughters: Ana María McKee, Cristina (Juan) Sollosso, María Luisa Gastón, Beatriz (Don) Skeens, Margarita (Kevin) Jenson, and Maria Teresa (John) Gastón-Witchger; her 15 grandchildren: Cristi-Mari, Brian, Alicia, Helen, Mel, Beth, Julia, Felipe, Angela, Kevin, Martín, Faith, Joshua, Luke, Abraham; and 25 great-grandchildren; many cousins, nieces and nephews, and loving friends. 
A Memorial Mass to celebrate her life will be held on Saturday July 16that 11:30 am at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church, 1400 South State Road 7 (also called Route 441), North Lauderdale, Florida 33068. The Mass will be followed by a reception in the Parish Hall. We will share pictures, display some of her paintings and tell stories of her wonderful life. All are welcome.
Special thanks are due to friends of the Senior Center, staff of the Adult Day Care and of Catholic Hospice at home, and her helpful neighbors and home care aides (Karen, Sharon, Carmen, Lis, Maria del Carmen, María and Gladys) whose excellent help enabled us to keep Mom at home, as was her fervent wish, and together with her family, accompanied Mom in these last months of her life.
In lieu of flowers, you may wish to make a donation to honor her memory: Las Esclavas in Caibarién, Cuba, or the Families of Gaston’s “Dolores Sugar Mill”, or Caritas Cuba - Holguin. Please write the check to Maria Luisa Gaston, and in the “Memo” line, write your donation choice. We will collect and use appropriate channels to get the money to the right place. Address for donations: Maria Luisa Gaston, 7411 S.W. 11th Court, North Lauderdale, Florida, 33068. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Sanchez family Ancestry - by Maria Luisa Gaston y Sanchez

This page is dedicated to our Sanchez Family Reunion 2017 at the Beachcomber Resort and Villas.  The facebook page has pictures and family information.

Facebook page Sanchez Family Reunion 2017

This is the new  Sanchez Ancestry - written by Maria Luisa Gaston y Sanchez

The names and addresses of the family will be emailed individually to those that request it.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mom's Fighting the Battle with Old Age - and losing

Mami, my Mommy
How sad it is to see you grow old.
I feel it beginning as my joints hurt and I can't do what I used to do.

I know that you are crying inside for what you used to be 
How hard it must be to know but not be able to do
To want to eat but have to spit out. To have no taste
To be thirsty but not be able to swallow
To feel pain that does not stop
To want to go the usual way but to have no control of it
To want to share yourself but cannot speak

But I am glad that you can still do this:
You can say my name
And you can smile
And you can love

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Mami has Dementia

My Mami has Dementia 

My mami has dementia
she’ll never be the same again
she’s happy when she’s having fun
and always wins at games

She lives in/for the present moment 
and is not aware of time
obsesses on what she wants to do
and always wants her way

She makes up stories and believes them
will not admit she’s wrong
never wants to say, I’m sorry
throws a tantrum to express her way

Possessive, she won’t share her things
not trusting, she won’t accept the new
forgets when she hurts others feelings
believes herself and not what others say

She wants to keep her independence
and won’t admit her needs
not want to bathe or brush her teeth
will wear the same clothes every day

She hides her stuff and then denies it
fears people will take her things
she is afraid that we will leave her
that one day she will lose her way

No matter how my mami is  
she’s loved me all my years
I'll always do my best for her
like she always did for me 

50 years ago!

I wrote this while spending a week taking care of my mother.  She's had dementia for some years but still lives in her own house.

Read this other post I wrote about how we took away her car at 90 years old!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2014 You won't believe what happened to me!

My year Reflection 2014

2014 has come and gone. 
It went so fast, and yet so slow
with three surgeries on my bones. 

The hip replacement was my choice because of all the pain
But both my wrists! I did not want, how silly that I fell. 

Some scary time recovery is, because there's no control.  
Tired, frustrated, and disabled, it's normalcy I miss. 

I read more books this year than ever, with so much time to spare.  
Some helped me grow in health and spirit 
and some were just to cheer me. 
Because I could not hold a book my audiobooks were many. 
 I'd fall asleep with earbuds on, the timer set for thirty. 

I tried to think no scary thoughts, I could not use my hands.  
And now I’m thankful and rejoice to brush my teeth, and use my pens.

The nurse and cook this year was Don, 
he missed his fishing with all the chores.  
Supporter and encourager, he helped me, loving me and more!

And now, I pray for health and fun, 
with blessings and graces as this year comes. 
No doctor’s visits please, for me or Don and all of mine. 

There's more to share and do and care, 
we thank you God for a year of prayer!