Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bathroom Destruction!

For the first time in my retirement I am going through a period of restlessness. I think it is because I feel "loose" and need to focus on goals again.  I have some decisions to make that will require some commitment and don't want to make them.  I have been living in the present but since I don't have a schedule, I can see myself just "wasting" time, reading, playing, and thinking too much!  That is not me, so I am feeling unsettled.
Also, we are working on remodeling the bathroom and that will going on for an extended period. There are so many choices to be made and I don't see the end yet.

Don has been enjoying the destruction!  Actually, we ordered the tile and the cabinets, thanks to Julie and Platinum Kitchens. Now we are getting bids for the tile work and some of the carpentry and electrical work that Don will not be doing. 
This window goes into the bathroom.  We taped the door to the bedroom shut and go in and out this window.

Shower is out (right.)  Taking down walls and bathtub

Removing the plumbing and the vanities.  Sold the vanities and mirror on Craig's list.

The walls and big window are out, now the toilet.
Caroline helps Robert sell the bathtub for $200 on Craig's list!

Taking out the tile was not easy.

Use the jackhammer to prepare for the plumber - not me!!

After the plumber came, the hole has to be filled in.

Top to bottom: shower drain, shower fixtures, new drain for toilet

Andrew helps!!

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