Monday, June 17, 2013

Horse riding lesson for Caroline - 3 years old

Caroline and I drive by some horses every time I bring her to my house.  I slow down and we count the horses we see and lately she has been telling me that she wants to see the horses.  

This brought back so many memories of my young life in Cuba and my love for horses! I wanted to share it with her.

So, last week I called the number on the sign at the entrance, and set up for a lesson, not knowing how she would do.  She is scared of bugs and dogs.  She likes ladybugs though.

Brittany from TNT Dynamite Stables here in Cumming started the hour lesson with having Caroline get a caddy with brushes and then help with Jesse's grooming:

Caroline helps brush Jesse

Cleaning her hoof

Carrying the reins and bridle

Ready to ride!
Here is a video of her trotting!

As you can tell, she loved her horse Jesse!
Hugging her goodbye!