Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday - the First Day of Lent

Don and I went to Mass today and received the Ashes.  It is the first time in years that we have done that.  I hope that it will kick-start a powerfully renewing Lent.  "Remember that you are dust and unto dust you shall return."  What I am and what I do is only worth dust unless it for God's glory and in relationship with Him.  So, I am going to following through with my Lenten Intention that I wrote about on Monday.  It is all about letting God work through me so I know that it will be worth it.   Last year for Lent I gave up not using my seat belt and I used it every time.  It's been a year and I'm still using it (mostly).  I think I purposely didn't use it as a form of rebellion toward the law for it...  I hope that my intention this year will also have a lasting effect on my daily life.  (Am I fighting a sort of rebellion here too?)

My niece, Faith just wrote in her blog The Life of Faith "25 Ways to show your hubby respect" from a book by Sharon Jaynes.  What lessons in humility for me after being married for 40 years!  I have gotten into some very bad habits and lazy in my relationship!  Thank you Faith for posting such a comprehensive list - I didn't like so many "don'ts", but then when I started reading the "do's", I went, "ouch!"  This is worth working on... 
shower half torn out.  Don is having fun!

Today we also just started to destruct our master bathroom for a complete remodeling.  We want to get it finished before Easter.  Yesterday we went and picked out the tile and the cabinet style.  I can start to imagine what it is going to look like, and what it will feel like being there.   I will do the same as I open myself to change during this Lent?

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