Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birds Getting in the Garden eating my blueberries!

5 Baby birds in a nest by my front light.  The kids climbed the ladder to look at it.
Since my retirement, one of my favorite things to do has been to work in the garden.  And work it has been!  Three weeks ago we had to cover it with mesh to keep the birds away from the blueberries but we saw one or two in there every morning and had to chase them out the gate because they could not find a way out. 

So Wednesday there were five birds in there so we know we had to do more.  Don bought more mesh and I tied mesh all around the garden in the heat of the day, sweat pouring down into my eyes.  (And I never sweat!)  I had been playing with the kids for the morning and we were going out of town that night or I would not have done it in the heat.  The only place without mesh is the gate.  If any birds get in that way they will have to find their way out or DIE while we are gone.  Julie and Robert were there to pick blueberries and green beans and cukes and squash and did not tell us of any dead birds so I guess there weren't any...

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