Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to grow garlic

Don planted garlic last fall for the first time and we watched it grow.  Finally, he picked the garlic when it started "dying".  Here it is hanging on the rafters of the workshop.  We will let it "dry" for 2 weeks.  Then it should be ready to use. 
Last month, I needed some garlic and I wondered what would happen if I picked one early and cooked with it before it was "ready."  They looked great to me!  So I washed it and cut it up and cooked it in olive oil.  It had no cloves to speak of so I just cooked it all like an onion.  It was great!  I don't know if it has a different name when you cook with it like that.
We grew our garlic on the outside border of the garden. But they looked like this.
When just picked.

Don put the garlic hanging from the rafters in the workshop - 108 bulbs!

A total of 93 are hanging.  Don gave away 15 already.

After they are dried, he will cut the roots and the tops.  We will cook and freeze some of them and some we will give away and keep.  Some are going to my favorite chef, my sister, Cristina!  She taught me much of how I cook.

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