Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black Snake eating a baby bird!

This is not the snake but looks just like it!  I had to erase the pictures to have the videos on my camera!

Andrew was visiting and we were looking for Japanese beetles on my roses to squish and kill when Don called us to come to the back of the property by some leyland cupress trees.  There he showed us a six foot black snake with a baby bird in its mouth.  It looked like the picture of a boa constrictor I had seen once.  Here is a video but it hardly moves and you can barely see the baby bird head first in the snakes mouth.  Look for the feet sticking up!

In the next video the snake is moving backwards and the bird is a little more in its mouth.
You can see how it ha moved back and the bird is almost in its mouth!

 The snake is almost retreated back to the more wooded area and has almost swallowed all the bird.

bird is gone into the snake's belly!  Wow!  

Andrew and I decided not to tell anyone so they would not be scared to go back there to play!

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