Friday, July 6, 2012

Why is my hair lighter at the roots after I color It?

My hair just didn't pick up as much color at the roots!

I noticed this the last time I did my hair color and, I kind of ignored it, because the rest of my hair became such a nice shade of brown and full of highlights just like the box said.  In fact, I had noticed that I have more grey in the back, that this was the first time that I had my sweet husband help me to make sure that I did it right!

Well, at the park yesterday, while we were waiting for the fireworks I had plenty of time to “people-hair” watch.  I was admiring a lady with mousey brown hair who, I think had grey mixed in but because of her color, it looked good.  I also looked at several ladies who had whole heads of white hair and tried to see myself with hair like that some day; but I failed :)

Then I saw a lady with shoulder length light brown hair, a little lighter than mine.  I noticed that her hair was lighter at the roots!  OMG

I thought, why is it the opposite than most people who color their hair?  Their roots are darker!  Then I realized it is because they are lightening their hair.  Us graying folks are darkening our hair.  Do the roots have more grey that it is harder to dye? Or is it that it takes several times of dying before the color covers the grey.  My hair color seems fine after about one to two inches.  
Oh well, how does your hair do?  I’ll do anything to continue to color my hair but will not spend the money to have it done.  Maybe I need to try a new product…

Here is a picture of my newest grandchild, Isabella Ann.  When I went to see her at the hospital, I put on makeup and fixed my hair.  I think it was worth the effort.  For once I like myself in a picture!

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