Thursday, May 10, 2012

The bathroom remodeling is done!!

Finally the frameless glass shower doors are installed.  I'm glad that we didn't get the header.

This is the only job that we used the lowest bid and they did a great job!  We decided not to get the showerguard or other sealer.  It was going to cost another $300.  We'll see how clean we can keep it!

My husband did most of the destruction. Robert sold most of the things: the tub, window, mirror, and vanities on Craig's List.  It was more than helpful that we did not have to figure out how to dispose of those things and that they are being used somewhere else.  The mirror went to a dancer.  The window became a picture window for a remodeling.  I love meeting the people who have them.  I can imagine what it is to know an organ donor...

The early work went slow.  I especially worked on the painting.  

Then putting it all together wit the before picutures and decorating.

We are enjoying it!!

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