Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bathroom remodeling almost done!!

We are finally using our new bathroom.  Our daughter, Julie, works for Platinum Kitchens and she guided us thorough the process.  We love the granite and the tile design.  The expresso color of the cabinets are so rich!
The story of the destruction was posted on this blog a month ago.   The whole process has not been easy and has taken longer than we thought.  Some of the work we did ourselves, but we did not do the tile this time.  We did all our tile in our previous house.  We enjoyed watching it done for us!

The plumber set up the pipes and then Don and I put the cabinets together.

We had to balance the top for the granite and then Don attached it to the wall
The electrician put an outlet inside the top drawer for the hair dryer and flat iron, like I saw on    Pinterest.  Here you can see all my Pinterest inspirations

We love the granite.  It was boneyard so had a seam.  That was a problem because they put the seam in the wrong place and had to redo the big piece.  The same granite was for the shower curb and the seat.

Glueing the last shell - brought from Cuba by my sister on her trip there last month to see the anniversary of the Virgen del Cobre and the Pope.  The other shells are fromSt. Simons, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Florida beaches.  I made the grapevine wreath the first year after we moved to St. Simons in 1980.  
After: Two sinks, mirrors and lights.  See my special makeup area!  I have to reupholster the little chair.  We have a large window though we lost our other one.

The other side of the bathroom.  Shower designed by Ceramic Technics. Tracy made the design with glass tiles.   

I wanted an adjustable shower for myself and the grandkids.   Can you see the diamond pattern in the middle?The floor looks yellow because of the top light.  

We had room for the seat and another niche.  

We are using the shower without the shower doors.

To the right of the shower is the space for the toilet and bidet.  I have been missing the bidet since our other house!
Most of the wall decor is from my favorite store - T.J. Maxx Home Goods  but the jelly fish is to bring back beach memories from St. Simons Island.  Bringing the real island flavor from Pane in the Glass and made by Missy!

Before: shower and garden tub and window.
Demolition had already started

To the left of the tub was the "water closet."  Don made me a linen closet from the extra space.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very informative and helpful. My wife wants me to remodel the bathroom and I am in the process of doing so right now. For starters she had me install vessel sinks and lay some tile. I hope when I am done that the bathroom will look as nice as yours.

    1. How is your bathroom coming? We are so glad to have it finished! Here is the link to the last report.

  2. The renovation ideas are very nice.The wood combination with marble stone improvise your bathroom look...

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