Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday at the Beach

At church today for Palm Sunday,  we read the Passion of our Lord according to Mark.  After that, Andrew (eight years old) was reading in his Bible story book about the crucifixion. When he saw a picture of three crosses in his book, he asked me about it.  I told him the other 2 were thieves and murderers.  He said, "But Jesus didn't do anything wrong!"  I can't wait until we continue this discussion!
Andrew and I at the Beach

Thank You for the Beach    by Bea Skeens 4-1-12

Thank you for the beach
              the sun
                     the breeze
The sounds of waves
              and gulls
                     and kids
To feel the sun
              the sand
                     the sea

I love to know that I can come and walk
or run and play
or sit and sun
But most of all I love to feel
The glory of Your presence, near
To just get quiet and relax
and meditate on all that’s past.
And more…
the beauty of the beach predicts
the blessings that Your Love will bring.

Now as I write this and think of you
I pray you know this: His ways are truth
God’s love’s abounding like the shore
I wish for you forevermore.

At this Holy week we meditate
And remember Christ’s birth,
       His life,
              His death
Now celebrate and live in faith
No matter where we are, we work
To build God’s kingdom here on Earth.

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