Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swimming lessons with Caroline

I finally have pictures of swimming lessons with Caroline.  I usually pick her up early at school on Wednesdays and we go to the new Cumming Aquatic Center.  Then on to my house.  She spends the night and I take her to school before lunch on Thursday.  
Last week, my sister, Cristi was here for a few days and she went with me to take pictures.  She now has an ear infection again so we won't be able to go this week. :(  
She is doing so great in the pool!  It's so much fun and is reminding me of that I can need to promote my dvd.  I need to get to work on that!  
This is my new blog: Learn to Swim with Miss Bea.   This is my website that I sell my dvd.     I also have it for sale on Amazon here.  But I make more money on my own website.  You can use paypal.
Good job!  Give me five!

Swim to the steps and learn to stand up.

Get a little help going to the side.

Floating - looking for airplanes... There was another baby at the pool that day and she loved to look at him.

We always rinse off in the shower and wash our hair.  No chlorine residue!  It is so cold in the locker room!    

We put on cream all over!

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