Friday, March 23, 2012

Gardening in Retirement

It's Spring and warm and sunny.  Time to start the garden!  Now that I'm retired I have time to do the garden right and not be in a rush about it.  I am enjoying everything about it.  

In the fall I planted tulip bulbs for the first time, yellow and red from Wal-mart. I am enjoying them.  I've been cutting them,  bringing them inside and giving some away.

Last month Don went to the stables and got some free horse manure and tilled it into the garden.

From Pinterest I got the idea of using twig tags to mark the plants that I'm growing.

We planted potatoes in the hay and some in the garden  Both are growing the same.  Got the idea from Pinterest

I love to spend time outside!  It's going to be fun gardening in retirement!

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