Thursday, August 2, 2012

Savor the Moment!

I have five grandchildren and want to spend my time with each of them.  I love them each so much that I want to be a part of their life.  I know that I cannot be with them all the time, (nor do I want to :)  but it is so special when I share my time with them.  I try to be there when I am needed and at other times too.  When I am not with them I feel that I am missing something very important.

Last week, Mary and Brian had their other two children with her family at the beach for the week and I volunteered to watch Isabella - almost one month old - so that they could go see the new Batman movie.  

I was so excited that she was awake for me.  We played and I gave her a baby massage.  We loved it!  (Read about the power of touch in

After her bottle,   I burped her twice and then thought maybe she had another one so I held her while we watched some TV.

We were watching a new program on TNT, Perception.  We like it!  At the end, he was talking about time, past and future.  We only have the present and to "Savor the Moment."

Well, I started crying as I held my beautiful, sleeping, Isabella.  Too soon, her parents came and took this picture and took her away!  

Savor the Moment!

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