Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good-bye Summer!

This weekend we went to the condo one final time before school started - for the kids that is!  I have been retired one year now and this is the second time that I can relax at this time of year and not be all stressed out about going back to school!  Don't forget that I loved it while I was doing it but now that I'm not, it just makes me happy!  We sure packed in lots of crabbing and beach in two days!
Andrew, Lauren and Isabella are ready for the beach!
Some beach activities:

Making real sandcastles!

fishing for small fish to play with!

crabbing at the pier

Yummy!  Crabs for dinner!

hermit crabs to play with!

Andrew found this moon shell with his feet while we were looking for sand dollars in the water.
It is the biggest moon shell we had ever found!  He said that he felt it and thought it might be a crab but still decided to pull on it.  It was stuck in the sand like it is stuck on his hand here!

Isabella is six weeks today!  She still mostly sleeps or cries for her bottle.  These moments of communication are so special!

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