Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grandchild Number Five!

Isabella Ann Skeens was born two weeks ago and since then we have not had a free moment!  We did not really have enough time with her before we left for St. Simons Island and then to Florida for the Sanchez Family Reunion.  Of course they did not come and we missed them terribly!

I sat in the hospital room holding my beautiful granddaughter in my arms and didn't want to leave her!  

Now we are back and I cannot get enough of her.  I am so glad that we live only fifteen minutes away.

Being with my grandchildren is the best thing I could be doing.  There is such a sense of loss when I have to leave any one of them.  I feel that there is nothing more important and no other place that I should be.  

Here is the post on the poems that I have written to my grandchildren.

I have not written a poem to my sweet Isabella yet!  

                             I think that I have not been with her enough.  

                                                                        Is it ever enough?

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