Friday, December 16, 2011

Poems to My Grandchildren

 I have been writing poems to my grandchildren since they were born:  Here is the one I just finished to my newest grandchild:
Durham at almost 4 months

Baby Boy Durham
Robert Durham Fowler
born August 1, 2011
By MIMI, Bea Skeens

Baby Boy Durham
A wonder,
A joy
Precious gift created
At his health we rejoice!

Getting to know him
Right after the birth
We all want to help
We’re there with presents

His frowns and his smiles
He cries
And we “love” him
In sharing the blessing
A sacrament partaking

Their worry, their efforts
Their struggle to please him
We walk him
We bounce him
We talk all about him

How he is growing
So happy and peaceful!
Oh, he still cries
But for a good reason

He brings us all joy
With his smiles and his “talking”
We share him and hold him
And never want to leave him!


Caroline was born and they lived with us for almost a year.  It was such a joy to have them with us, never a burden!  The end of the poem refers knowing that they would be leaving us to their own home,
This Christmas at my house.

By, Mimi Bea Skeens
June 2010

Seeing her world
Her eyes are so bright
Sleeping and waking
A constant delight

I read about brain cells
And help her to learn
I stick out my tongue
And talk with intent

But mostly I snuggle
And love and adore
As much as I can
‘cause soon she’ll be gone 


When Lauren was born we lived and both were working in St. Simons Island, and didn't plan to come and see her right away.  We figured her Mama's family would be all around her and helping out and we didn't want to be in the way.  A week after she was born my son called and asked us to come.  "When are you going to come and see her?"  We realized that he needed us there, so we went right away.
Isn't she beautiful??
Baby Girl Lauren
by Mimi - Bea Skeens April 2007

How do you feel with a baby
Not your own?
So far away
On the day she was born?

Rejoice at the news
She’s healthy and whole
The mother is fine
We can’t ask for more

When will we see her
And hold her and woo her?
Let’s wait, there’s no hurry
We don’t want to be a bother

But then there’s a phone call—
“Come now, you must see her!
She’s growing, she’s changing
The wonder, the glory
We just need to share her!”

So we went just this weekend
And we looked and we cherished
A small bundle of joy
A family in the making

So how do you feel
With a baby in your arms?
She’s mine, she’s mine!
All cozy and warm!


Andrew was my first so I have several poems to him.  Do all grandparents know that the first grandchild has a special place in our hearts?  He is almost 8 and we continue to share a unique bond.  I wrote the first poem when he was about 6 months and the second when he was 1 1/2. I wrote the second one in both Spanish and English when I was int writing Spanish poems too.  (It is harder for me.)
Walking on the marsh looking for fiddler crabs when 2 years old

Crabbing at the SSI pier last year

To BABY Andrew
October 2004
Bea Skeens (Mimi)

Playing with my grandson is where I want to be
As I look into his eyes that say, “I love you Mimi.”
Talking incessantly in a language just for me
I listen and I smile and pretend that I agree
Together we search and learn and explore
The meaning eternal of our wonderful world

Sticks for my Grandson         Bea Skeens, April 8, 2006
         (Andrew, 15 months)
Let’s go outside
I want to be...
Take little steps
Just you and me.

I follow him
What should we do?
He wants to feel
It’s all so new.

He gets a stick
One hand and the other
It feels so real
Let’s get another.

My grandson and I
Discover the world
One stick at a time
We love, share, and learn.

Mi nieto y Yo         Bea Skeens, April 8, 2006
         (Andrew, 15 meses)
Vamos afuera
Su manito me da
Por aquí y por allá
Conmigo está

Un palito y otro
Asombrado de todo
Para mí y para ti
Lo mío y lo tuyo

Mi nieto y yo
Descubriendo el mundo
Tocando, sintiendo,
Mirando, disfrutando.

Cada momento
Lo cuento
Cada mirada
Me acuerdo...


  1. This is Mary Ellen -
    I am on a conference call and was reading thru these poems! They are so beautiful - the ones about Lauren and Andy made me cry - so sweet!

  2. Thanks! I love them so much - and you too!

  3. Bea, I had nver read any of your grandchildren poems... they are wonderful!
    I finally wrote one about Mel - it took me quite a while, I never had one. But have not written about the grandchildren... hmm... maybe you'll inspire me! Much love, Mária


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