Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adding Some Sparkle to my Christmas Wreaths

I love decorating for Christmas but it is so overwhelming!

I keep telling myself that I am retired so there is no hurry to get everything up and pretty.  Pinterest has me doing all sorts of new crafty things and taking pictures of them to share!  I have always done crafts but never took pictures of them to share.  I got this done because the family is coming this weekend so I have to clean up the craft room again!

Our sweet previous owners of our house left us the wreaths for our windows.  This would be our third year using them and I wanted something different without spending money.  I saw this in the Pottery  Barn magazine and wanted something like it. 

The wreaths are in plastic bags and hang on nails in the attic.  Every year I have put the same newspaper back inside the bow and it has kept them like new.
First I took the newspaper out of the bow, then straighten out the greenery and use the glue gun.

I had some Christmas balls left over from the hanging balls that I did for the inside.  (see previous post)
I used the glue gun and turned the bows to the side to give them personality.  I have seven windows and did not want to buy more balls so it's just a touch of sparkle that can be seen from the street.
They look happy hanging up outside!

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