Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas - Christmas letter 2011

 I'm sharing with you a jpeg of my 2011 Christmas letter. (If you want to know who to make a picture from a WORD document, ask me!)  
When everyone was here last weekend, we put all the kids in front of the tree and took about 20 pictures with 3 cameras.  They were so good!  
The picture of Don and I was taken in Las Vegas
The picture of the whole family was taken shortly after Durham was born at Brian and Mary's house with Brian's camera timer.  It is the best we could do.  Here you can see everyone.

When I was working I usually finished my Christmas cards and letters by the first week in December.  Now that I am retired, I am too busy...
Also, it took me a long time to write the poem, but I wanted it to be perfect!  I still am not happy with the stanza about myself but I am pleased with the rest.  I hope you like it.  Write me a comment.  
Then I had to figure out how to print it.  I ended up going to Office Depot with my flash drive and they printed it.  (Faith, I told them of a 25% discount on their website and they honored me at the store!)  I got pretty envelopes to go with it.  I sent them all out yesterday!!
I feel so good about it!  Now to finish my Christmas shopping...

Have a blessed Christmas

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