Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How can I be: Like the Christmas Tree? - a poem




The Christmas Season has me all worn out

I pause to dream, what’s it all about?
I light the tree and look around…
The glistening of the silver tinsel
The sparkle of the lights so bright
The stories in each ornament
The fragrance the pine gives at night.
Then the angel on the top starts blinking,
And with a start, I get to thinking…
My lights and colors come alive
Every time I say a kind word
And give His Love away.
Jesus, grow strong and brave in me.
Become my words, my force, my will,
For in my life I want to shine
The one and only Jesus Christ.
Then the Spirit in others may
Abide and shine in the same way.
Friends, let Him grow in you to be
Your light and Lord for all to see.

               By Bea Skeens. 2003


  1. Nice to have these thoughts expressed about meaningful giving. Thanks for your kind affirmation on my post.

  2. This is a great poem:) I love the comparison!


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