Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolution I - LISTS ON THE BEACH - poem

LISTS!  I've always had a list.  Here is a poem that I wrote in the 90's after a walk on the beach:

                The Beach and I   
by Bea Skeens (in the 1990’s)
I found that I could steal away
An hour from my busy day
And so I called some friends to see
If they could go walk on the beach with me
But they all had other plans or were not home,
I set off alone.
My mind was full of things I have been doing…
Planning and preparing others, even brooding.
Then startled from my thoughts I was
When a wave hit the sand with a foamy splash.
I looked around me at the serene sea,
The seagulls free
The children laughing gaily,
The grownups sunning
Some others running,
Many walking.
As I resumed my steady stride
Scattered thoughts invade my mind.
And with a wave that hit the sand came
Peaceful thoughts of God’s glorious plan.
The sun was shining brightly,
The breeze blowing so slightly,
And I became absorbed by the Might and Glory
Of my God revealed so rightly.
And I began to praise and thank Him
For the abundant love and constancy
With which He fills and guides me.
The beach and You are what I need
    To feel refreshed and be fulfilled.
The ocean’s calming waves… A prayer that saves
The sheltering dunes… A praising tune;
The endless sky… My spirit revived;
The birds that soar… I long for more!
No room for fear, You’re always near.
Your purpose in all things is clear.
I want to meditate on you and seek Your Rest
As soon as I get home I’ll make a list.

 Lists have always been a big part of my life.  So when I retired, I thought, now my list won't be a burden!  I'll be able to relax and do those things that I need to do.  Well, that has not been the case in the 7 months since my retirement.  Few of the big things on my list have been completed.  Oh, I have written lots of small lists and have enjoyed scratching off lots of things.  I do feel a sense of accomplishment and peace at being retired.  I have had fun with the kids, tried new recipes, and made lots of crafty things.  But I continue to say "later" to some of the big things and transferring them to the new list.  No big deal.  There is no hurry to clean out file drawers or closets or to transfer my VHS videos to DVD.  Maybe they'll get done in 2012. (Resolutions are coming...)

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