Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week of sewing and crafting - Getting ready for the Holidays!

This week I have been relaxing. crafting, and preparing for our upcoming trip.  I haven't even seen the grandkids all week.  I have been watching lots of my recorded TV shows.  One of the shows that I like to watch is Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer.  I have been enjoying my everyday life! 

  I have read some blogs where people get too busy and regimented after retirement.  The only thing on my weekly schedule right now is Yoga on Mondays.  I have put off joining the Bridge group.  (I may have to join the beginners, and don't want to.)  Well, anyways, I'm not in a hurry to get busy.  I'm already filled!!

When I knew that I would have a few days straight for projects, I decided on doing one of the things love - sewing and crafting.  One of the things that keeps me from doing more crafts is having to put everything away before I'm done.  I knew that guest room/ craft room would be open this week so I can leave everything out until I get tired of it.  Now that I'm retired I can work on my crafts anytime.  I have so many things on Pinterest that I want to make!  I prefer sewing things that are simple and that I can complete in one day.  So, before I start anything, I make sure that I find any shortcuts and ways to make the project easier, that way I can make the best use of my time.  

These are some pictures of things that I made this week (with the inspiration of Pinterest.) 
First I made the window treatment with some Christmas fabric and ornaments from Hobby Lobby on sale.  It was fun!

This is the window where we eat.  It took me about an hour to hang the ornaments!

I sewed the fabric and pinned the ornaments  to the fabric using random ribbon I already had.  Original pin:
I ironed some doilies and sewed them to my pillows that I had made this Summer.  My daughter said they were too plain.  They are so much better!
My niece Faith is making lots of crafts.  She had a tutorial on making these fabric flowers.  I tried it.  The first one is on the left.  The last one is on the right.   Read her blog the life of Faith.  the link is on the sidebar.  She is selling her beautiful crafts on ETSY:

Fabric flowers on the pillows.  What do you think?

 Ever since I saw this Christmas tree skirt on Pinterest (see bottom of post), I have been wanting to make it.  I have wanted a new tree skirt for the last 3 Christmases but haven't found one I liked for the right amount of money.  Actually, I didn't like the last one I bought.  My other 2 tree skirts were small and I made them around 30 years ago (before I started to work) when I was a stay at home Mom.  They are still up in the attic in one of the Christmas boxes.  
  First I read the tutorial and see what I needed.  I have been frequenting the Goodwill store on Senior Day especially looking for fabric and crafts and baby items.  A few weeks ago I bought some cream colored fabric and a roll of yards and yards of this Christmas fabric.  I ripped a 3 inch strip to see what it would look like.  I made the ruffles wider than the tutorial but the circle 4 1/2 feet like it says. 
Round and round until the center.  I'm glad that I bought the long sticks of glue for the glue gun.
When I got to the middle, I did the center by folding it to the back.  I did not make ties because I'll just bring it together in the back.

 The color looks blue but it's green and silvery.
What do you think?  I can't wait to put it on the tree!
I'll post a picture when I get it under the tree!!  Do you think it will look as pretty as the one below?
This is the original pin with the picture.  and the link for the blog with the tutorial.

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE all your crafts you've done! I'm jealous of your time to spend crafting. I hate putting things away before I am done as well. I'm so glad you tried the fabric flowers! My favorite is the curtain with ornaments. I might try something like that if I find the time. I also like the tree skirt! I might copy you on some of these:) I wish we lived closer so we could have some craft days together.


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