Friday, November 11, 2011

Pictures of fun projects with the kids

These are the Halloween projects that I completed with the kids with the inspiration of Pinterest and other pictures...

We're making the wreath at my house.  Lauren didn't want to help at first but then she made some of the eyes.  When I bought the wreath at the Goodwill, it was white.  I spray painted it black.  I had the feather thing but too short.  I bought the eyes at the Dollar Store.  Does the yellow yarn complete it?
The finished Wreath hanging up in their house

Andrew drew and colored this at my house.  We finished it and is hanging at their house. I used yarn that I had to hang the creatures and wrapped a wire hanger (made into a circle) with the same yarn.
We made the mummies with the hot dogs for dinner one night at their house.
I did not make this - but this is Lauren with her new button dress (the buttons crafts on Pinterest)...  Look at the boots!
I can't leave out my sweet grandson Durham.  His mama, Angie, has been doing the picture in the basket each month as shown on Pinterest.  He is now 3 months!  The shirt from Etsy.


  1. Very cute! Thank God for inspiring!

  2. Your grandchildren are adorable, and I love the craft projects. Isn't retirement plus grandkids great?


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