Friday, November 11, 2011

These are freckles!

This is the biggest fish I caught in the river.  We had to return it to the water.  It was 26 inches - too big to keep!
We were in St. Simons for more than a week and went to the beach and fished. I got lots of sun - love it!  It was cool but not cold thank goodness!!  
One night while watching TV  next to each other, Don rubbed my leg and out of nowhere said, “What are these spots on your leg?”  I said, “I’m getting freckles!”  I’ve always wanted freckles and have noticed that in the past few years I can see some on my arms and hands and on my legs!  I love being in the sun and that is how you get freckles, right?  Anyway, I know that they are “age” spots and that people would say that I should use sunscreen.  I am always careful not to get sunburned, and being Cuban it doesn't happen very often.  I had osteoporosis and now I don’t.  I take medication and have made a conscious effort to get my vitamin D from the sun.  Now that I am retired, I try to be out in the sun for around half an hour on the days that I can.  I take calcium and a multivitamin and do my walking and exercises.  I am going to enjoy the sun and my freckles.  I will use sunscreen when I am a long time at the beach and when fishing but am not going to get upset about some beautiful freckles! 
Don't worry about me.  I plan to stay healthy for all the things that I want to do for myself, my family, and whatever God wants me to do for a long time!

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