Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friends in Retirement

We really haven't made any new friends since we moved here.  We love to spending time with our kids and we are busy with our personal projects.  I love talking to my mom and sisters on the phone but we live too far away.  I am friends with the teachers with whom I taught school but we don't have much  time to get together.  We want to make new friends but haven't taken time to become involved in activities where we can meet new people.  We love that whenever we go to St. Simons we get together with our friends there.  In September, we went to Chatanooga to see some friends who retired and moved there.  It was great and I remember my exhilaration when I was sharing with her about some little thing, and her reaction, and the fun we had.  It was a feeling that I hadn't had in a long time and I haven't stopped thinking about it.  What made me feel that way?  I love my retired life, but am I missing something? 

We like our house and our neighborhood.  All the neighbors have been very friendly and we greet each other when we are outside.  We have some special neighbors across the street.  We have been wanting to have them come over for dinner and they finally came.  Since we bought the house and moved from St. Simons, these neighbors have been great to us!  They are like family.  They get our mail and newspaper when we're not here and they are interested in what we do.  They are about 10 years older than we are and their health is not the best but they are so excited about life and whenever we talk to them they always lift us up!  On our first Halloween here, we took Lauren and Andrew over to Trick or Treat and they were so excited!  They love kids but they have one unmarried son and no grandchildren.  Because of this, I have been taking the grandkids over to their house.  They love Caroline but she is scared of them.  Each time Caroline does better with them.  Last time Willette was so happy because Caroline held her hand when we were walking to see the neighbor's dog.  When we were talking during dinner, I realized how precious our relationship is.  We talked and shared.  They ate our fish and grits and Cuban black beans with relish and praised us for our projects around the house and things that we do.  They are like our cheerleaders.  She even called me that next day to thank us for having them.   Thank you, Chuck and Willette for all you are for us.  We love you! 
Our house last Christmas - first snow.

Andrew and Don harvesting potatoes in our garden.  The fence keeps out the deer

 The toilet room in the guest bathroom.  I used our old records to decorate it.  Lime green paint on the walls.
The dining room table that Don made from Heart Pine.

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  1. I like the image of "cheerleader." We know a couple that is 6 years older than me and 11 years older than my wife. They are always supportive and encouraging. They have the gift of affirmation and use it liberally.

    Too many older couples are lonely and simply looking for someone to share their lives and love with. Give them the chance.

    Nice story!


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