Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reflections of a Family 2012

Christmas with the grandchildren!  What a LIFE!!

2013 starts and we pause to consider
Every day is a gift, Jesus, Lord, and Redeemer
We pray God’s blessings for you and your kin
Sharing love with each other until we meet again
Angie, Bo, and Durham Fowler
Receiving and giving our time and our joy
Don’s workshop, wood projects; an ipad, new toy

From our first winter garden, we look for new recipes
Dental bills took our money, much like College expenses!

On Thanksgiving day Don gave thanks for good health
Then he had an appendectomy the following week!

No wheat, healthy cooking
Yoga, weights, and more walking
Superfoods, good nutrition
The Doctor Oz RealAge revolution
Robert, Julie and Caroline Townsend


On Amazon, selling my dvd
Advising parents on my website, facebook and blog,
Meeting new swim instructors
teacher training is my goal
Durham plays with last year's Pinterest project
Now time it is ours to use or to waste
We have so much to do, and to do without haste
More fishing and relaxing at the beach on St. Simons
The kids live nearby now, so we go there on vacations!

Girls gathering to celebrate Mom's birthday!
My mom, she was 90 and did we have fun!
The six sisters together and no wedding to run

Five grandchildren to enjoy now, Isabella was born
To their house first on this Christmas morn
Andrew, Mary Ellen, Isabella, Brian, and Lauren Skeens

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