Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Infinity Scarves by Angie for sale!

Angie's customer wearing the scarf
 Since I retired, I have been doing more sewing and crafting but am so excited that my daughter has taken up sewing!
She has just recently started making some super light weight, jersey, infinity scarves and is selling them at a great price in all different colors. 

See the pictures and choose the one you like.  She has many colors and can also order one and make it especially for you!  She is setting up an online store but is not ready with that yet.  You can buy them with an invoice that she sends you from paypal and can use your credit card.  If she sells a bunch, I might even help her with some of the sewing (since I don't do anything all day...)

Order from her facebook page: Sew-Blessed

She is also making applique designs and machine embroidered letters.  You can choose the design and even supply the shirt.  I don't have any more pictures of this!

Angie made these!

Angie and her little boy, Durham on his birthday.  She made all the decorations.

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  1. YAY! Thanks you so much mom!
    I love the post. Thanks for helping me with all this. You are the best teacher ever!
    Love you!


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