Monday, January 16, 2012

January Beach escape - Hope for the Sand Dollar

Baby sand dollars and a few bigger ones.  Can you see the one moon shell?

Andrew and Lauren - before we threw the shells back in the water
 We escaped to St. Simon's Island for the weekend with Brian, Mary and the kids.  We knew it was going to be cold and would not go fishing but tried for the beach.  At low tide we usually find some shells and we were so surprised to find lots of baby sand dollars!  We had fun collecting them though our hands froze.  We made a pile of shells and then threw them all back in the water to get bigger and stronger.  I am glad that we don't have to worry about the sand dollar population on our beach.  We don't have any laws about taking the live creatures home.  
Andrew, Lauren and I
Going to the Beach

2007 by Bea Skeens

Going to the beach
A longing in my heart
A yearning for the quiet
The water and the sand

Sunning by myself
Writing down my thoughts
Relaxing with the surf
I don't do it enough

First I met the beach
With my brothers and sisters
As a mother I shared it
With my very own children

And now best of all
The joy and the wonder
The beach to discover
With my 2-year-old grandson
       Sand castles we build
       Jump in the waves
       Chase little fish
       Find pretty shells

Shaking out the towel
Packing it all up
Some sand will come with me
Stuck to my flip flops
To call me again
From the stress of my lists
To the sun and surf
To the calm and the peace
That the beach always gives

To the beach once again
It's never the same

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