Sunday, February 1, 2015

2014 You won't believe what happened to me!

My year Reflection 2014

2014 has come and gone. 
It went so fast, and yet so slow
with three surgeries on my bones. 

The hip replacement was my choice because of all the pain
But both my wrists! I did not want, how silly that I fell. 

Some scary time recovery is, because there's no control.  
Tired, frustrated, and disabled, it's normalcy I miss. 

I read more books this year than ever, with so much time to spare.  
Some helped me grow in health and spirit 
and some were just to cheer me. 
Because I could not hold a book my audiobooks were many. 
 I'd fall asleep with earbuds on, the timer set for thirty. 

I tried to think no scary thoughts, I could not use my hands.  
And now I’m thankful and rejoice to brush my teeth, and use my pens.

The nurse and cook this year was Don, 
he missed his fishing with all the chores.  
Supporter and encourager, he helped me, loving me and more!

And now, I pray for health and fun, 
with blessings and graces as this year comes. 
No doctor’s visits please, for me or Don and all of mine. 

There's more to share and do and care, 
we thank you God for a year of prayer!

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