Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saving Sand dollars and Horseshoe crabs

This Spring we spent some time at our condo on the beach at St. Simons Island.

We found one!
I took pictures of how to find sand dollars and olive shells buried under the sand so that you can find time the next time you go. 

This is the track the the olive shell leaves on the sand.  The olive is a very shinny shell and very beautiful!

 Here is the sand dollar track on the sand.  Always throw them back in!

washing the sand dollar enjoy it and then throw it back in!
digging the sand dollar
I thought this was 2 conchs in the sand, instead found a horseshoe crab buried in the sand.

That day was a treasure for discoveries!  We found 8 other horseshoe crabs on a sandbar and we thought they would die in the sun so we dug them up and carried them to the water.

We also found 1/4 of a leatherback turtle washed up on the sand that was obviously hit by a boat.  It was so sad.  We called the DNR and they came and took it for research.

Every time we go to St. Simons is a wonderful time!  
When we have good weather!


  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful time at the beach. I haven't been to the beach in ages, but I'm going to plan to go this summer. I hope you're having a great weekend... :)

    1. Thanks! We love the beach watch my Bella's Fish movie!


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