Monday, February 18, 2013

Gluten Free eating

Last Fall on a trip to St. Simons Island, we listened to the book -Wheat Belly by William Davis.  We were amazed at the facts and statistics about how wheat can be harmful to our health.   We understood just  enough to lead us to make the decision to attempt a gluten free lifestyle.  We don't think that we have Celiac Disease, but we wanted to see if we could be more healthy without wheat. 
Let me explain that we are not white bread eaters, except for Cuban bread.  We have been eating whole wheat pasta and whole grain bread and crackers for years.  (Except that the whole grain saltines are gross!)  We also watch Doctor Oz and decided to do the gluten free lifestyle.

Here is a picture of some cookies that I made yesterday using gluten free flour.

We made the decision, not for a weight loss tool, like many are doing.  We wanted to see if maybe we wouldn't have some of the maladies that we were suffering from.  I myself know that I have an "addiction" to bread and white flour products.  I am constantly looking for something to snack on.  I binge.  When I eat one (cookie, or bread product) I can't stop...   But now now!!

So we have been mostly gluten free since October 25.  I lost 5 pounds right away.  When I went to the doctor's for my yearly checkup, the nurse and the doctor commented on how I weighs less that last year.  I was a victim of the 2+ weight gain each year....
 I admit we ate wheat during several family get togethers but only for one or 2 days.  When I got my best friend's Christmas package of yummy cookies and cakes, I did indulge but most of it went to the freezer.  The kids sure enjoyed us sharing it!  Since I haven't given up sugar, I still gained weight over the holidays, but only 3 pounds, not the usual 6.  I'm almost back to the weight I lost.

In the beginning of our gluten free lifestyle, I was looking for all kinds of substitutes.  I went to the Indian market and bought (white) rice flour, chick pea flour, barley flour, and coconut flour.  We checked out books from the library for gluten free recipes but they were too complicated.   I was totally grossed out by what xanthan gum is made of, but I bought it anyway.   

Why do you have to mix so many different kids of flour?  Of course, the recipes don't call for the flour that I had bought at the Indian market.   I did try .... with almond flour and we stored the extra in a vacuum sealed container which Don didn't reseal.  After 3 days I saw mold growing on it.  Later we read that you have to freeze what you don't eat right away.  That is why gluten free bread is only sold frozen.  

We found a gluten free pizza dough mix and tried it this week and it was good!  It tasted the same as pizza and the package said all whole grain.

It is a process...

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