Thursday, October 4, 2012

So much fun fishing AND crabbing!

On our last trip to St. Simons Island, we met up with Cristi and Juani who came up from Ft. Lauderdale.  We wanted to make it a fun trip for them full of fishing and crabbing.  Well, we didn't go out on the boat but had a great time off "Howard's Dock."  We caught 6 big crabs and everyone caught at least one fish and though we only have a 2 hour window to fish, we made the most of it!
One of the things I like about fishing at Howard's Dock is that we don't have to clean up the boat, and since Don cleans the fish, I only have to clean the crabs.
Walking on the beach art sunset

Cristi fishing

Regan the dog stayed with us the whole time.  He tried to eat  the chicken crabmeat.

Can you see the sheephead?

A cooler full of fish and crab.

View of the dock and the marsh.
Male crabs have bigger claws!  We caught all males this time.

Cleaned cooked crab.  Let's eat!

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