Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do you count your vegetable harvest?

When I told my sister, Tere, that Cristi was counting her mango harvest, she laughed and said that she is counting her eggplant harvest.  Do you count your harvest?  Now Don wishes he were counting the tomatoes; we are having so many!  See pictures of our tomato plants and invading critters below...

My sister has a beautiful mango tree in South Florida that is her baby, she takes such good care of it.  Last year she did not have many mangoes but this year her efforts have produced wonderful mangoes!  She is counting the mangoes as they get them.  The last I heard it was 109, and still counting!
In April, you can see the baby mangoes

Don helped cut down the high ones.

The first garden efforts were the three year old fruit trees that were sprayed this winter as we were told.  We thought we would have peaches this year but worms got into each and every baby peach and not even one reached maturity.
Have you had any luck with growing peaches?
peach tree with many blossoms
Early tomatoes - great future
 Our garden in May.  Tomatoes just starting.  Notice the scarecrow from last Halloween.
Hope to get more grapes this year

Potato harvesting with Andrew

These are the red potatoes.  We has as many brown ones.

Can you see the green bean plants?
Our green beans got eaten 3 times!  We continued to replant.  Thought it was a worm, but finally realized that it was a bunny or chipmunk 
We put fabric around the bottom of the fence...

 This year we had too much rain and most of the onions rotted.  Also, they flowered.  We read to cut the flowers, but some websites said not to cut them.  What is the correct thing to do?  It was so frustrating! 
Onions looking so healthy but such a disappointment!

Our tomato forest now!

Andy pointing to the hornworm.  Can you see it?  We found 3 of them and KILLED them!
Lauren and the hornworn caterpillar!
 Lauren killing the caterpillar!

We got lots of blueberries!

The cucumber plants died already!  Too much rain?

We are still getting lots of produce and enough to give away to neighbors and family.

Today I wore myself picking green beans from the top garden.

Here are some of the tomatoes...

Don is making stewed tomatoes, roasted tomatoes and a delicious tomato soup.  He is in charge of the tomatoes, thank God!

So how is your garden?  Send me a link to your gardening blog posts!  I want to read what my blog friends are gardening!

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