Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Straight or Curly hair?

I have had curly hair all my life and ahve been straightening it for about a year now with a flat iron.  I like it but sometimes I think it makes me look old.

When the humidity gets high it is impossible to keep.  So when I saw this picture in my In Style magazine, I thought, I can try this!
Hayden Panettiere medium bob haircut.
I love Hayden's long hair in Nashville, so I wonder whe she took this photo.  Her hair is so natural!  Of course I have to work to get my hair like this, but I'm trying!
Then I took a picture of Patricia Heaton when she was a guest on THE TALK.  I loved her hair and wanted to take it to my hairdresser to cut my hair like hers.  I had to take lots of pictures so that her face would not look all funny.  These are the best.

Next time I will add a picture of me with my hair like this to see what you think!

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