Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding anniversary - 41 years!

Today, Don and I celebrate being married for 41 years!  

Living retired this last year has been like getting to know and accept each other in ways that we never did before.  

Every day is different and I want every day together to be wonderful and filled, happy and healthy!

Here is a poem I wrote for our 30 year anniversary.

What do you think?

You never did that before!
By Bea Skeens, March 30, 2000
Our love is ever new.
Even after years with you,
There is always more to discover
And so much more joy
To give one another.

What can I do
To make our love grow?
It’s in the giving
That love really shows.

To feel so uncertain
And yet take the risk…
To be understood and needed
Is my only wish.

The comings and goings
In every direction
Hugging and kissing…
More I can’t mention.

We listen and wait
To share with each other
We put aside our busy-ness… 
You’re never a bother.

Accepting the moods
Of silence and caring,
We try to make better
Each frustration together.

When you tell me your problem,
You allow me to be
Your healing and soothing,          
 A mystery to me.

When we feel all stressed out
And just want to scream
We take off together
Refreshing our dreams.

I want you to be happy
In each daily chore
And to feel so fulfilled
That you’ll want to do more.

When I wake up happy,
You don’t give me a frown.
When I share my schemes,
You don’t put me down.

When something upsets me,
You give me that look
That calms and refills me
With the peace that it took.

You open my Spirit;
You stir up the Power;
God’s Love we can be…
Everywhere, every hour.

Thank You, God,
Thank You
That we have each other.
Thank You for making us
To love one another.

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