Monday, October 31, 2011

My pinterest obsession

About a month after my retirement, Angie, my youngest told me about Pinterest and sent me an invite.  It has been 3 months and I am at 745 pins and following 296 fellow "pinteresters".  It is an inspiration every day.  When I used to teach, I would go to the yearly conferences for inspiration.  With Pinterest I am inspired every day.  Mostly I follow the recipes, and crafts.  But I hope to put to use my bathroom board when we finally start the bathroom remodel; am using the gardening board now that we are finishing the patio and back yard grass area.  I started a board on refinishing furniture  when I started working on my yard sale finds to redecorate the beach condo.  I took notes on 8 different posts to decide what I wanted to do with my pieces.  I did not take before and after pictures but I will explain what I used for each piece.
Mostly I have had so much fun with my grandchildren making some of the Halloween crafts.  I show them the pinterest picture and then we do our own thing.  Here is the link to the board on completed projects   In the next post I will have pictures of the kids making them.  I love it!!

We bought this at an antique store.  It's hanging where I can see it every day from the dining room.
Most of the pinterest members are young mothers, and as I looked at the fun activities for kids, I went to some wonderful blogs, mostly made by stay-at-home moms- like I was.  What wonderful blogs  I love how these mothers share and support each other with ideas and suggestions while sharing their life experiences.  I have done some of the activities with my grandchildren,  Here is Caroline playing with shaving cream

At first she didn't know what to do, but then she got all into it.  Then she started to put it on my legs.  I was sitting next to her.  At school the next day they told me that they had to take away the yogurt because she started to play with it...
Angie traded this table for another one that I redid.  I love how it turned out.  It was a bright green.  I sanded to the brown stain on the edges and rubbed wax from a candle on the edges to keep the brown.  I used a blue glaze from Hobby Lobby with some white and a grey that I mixed,  Then I spray painted it with a polycrilic combining various post ideas for what I wanted to experiment.  When we got to the condo, I was so upset that the color did not match the brand new bedspread.  It is still in the corner of the bedroom.  See the next picture.

Little green table

This is the second bedroom in the beach condo.  The little green table is on the left. 
The canoe is from an antique store.  The table used to be a dark stain.  We got it for $5 at a yard sale and Don took it all apart.  We stripped it, primed it and painted it white.  Don made me a new top for it.  It was supposed to be for my daughter but she decided on another one.  Otherwise I would have stained it.
Pinterest shows these from IKEA but we found this painted black at an antique store, I painted it white and grey and sanded the edges.  It is over the toy box that Don made the kids 30 years ago.  It will be refinished this year...
In Don's workshop.  Working on the dresser that we bought for $20 at a yard sale.  It was olive green.  I sanded, primed, and painted white.  The drawers I painted with ocean colors.  The top was not attached.

Yellow pop of color as on pinterest.  

When we got here, and the colors did not match the bedspread, I sanded and repainted the front of the drawers and the top white.  The peach goes with the bedspread.

I added twine and shells to the

 I hot glued the shells to twine.  Saw it on pinterest, but couldn't find my pin.
Bought it in an antique store, I rubbed my blue acrylic on it.  Instead of cups and plates, shells!

Andrew and I made a Christmas tree last year and decorated it with shells.  Can't wait for Christmas this year!!

Made a hat for Durham's newborn picture.

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  1. I love the blog mama!! Everything looks great!! Can't wait to see it all!!


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